STELKON s.r.o.

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37381 Kamený Újezd, CZ
STELKON l.t.d.
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37001 České Budějovice, CZ
Tel: +420 797997052
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According to your wish we can construct and design mechanical devices, mechanical parts and line-ups of electric machines. We are able to ensure the complete construction of electrical and mechanical devices.

We can suggest the solution according to customer´s demands, process structural documentation for the production of the engineered equipment.

Documentation usually encloses:
      – project
      – technical drawing of the parts
      – technical drawing of the line - ups
      – material specification
      – instructions for production and testing

We also process for products designed by our firm:
      – instruction for use
      – manual for service and construction
      – risk analysis

We additionally ensure according to the customer's wish:
      – management of documentation
          (functional sample - prototype - testing series - serial production)
      – designs and production of testers
      – designs and production for special-purpose equipments
      – products tests in authorized testing laboratories
      – consultancy analysis and rectifing wrong product function, control calculation

            – work to order
            – order development results production

We process for these constructions on request:
      – risk analysis
      – instruction for use
      – service and construction manual