STELKON s.r.o.

STELKON l.t.d.
Ul. 5.května 401
37381 Kamený Újezd, CZ
STELKON l.t.d.
Dvořákova 21
37001 České Budějovice, CZ
Tel: +420 797997052
Tel: +420 603330340


We design devices in the area of automation, telecommunication and medical technology.

Our main products:
      – control units with microprocessors for automated applications
      – regulators with microprocessors for medical devices
      – telecommunication and GSM applications

8-bit 16-bit - microprocessors (family of 51, PIC, AVR and M16C) are usually used

We realize the solution and after customer's approval we make structural documentation for production of the proposed equipment.

Documentation usually comprises of:
      – function description
      – peripheral solution design
      – material roster
      – instruction for production and testing
      – program equipment

We compile for our products:
      – instruction for use
      – service and installing manual
      – risk analysis

We also deal with:
      – documentation management
          (functional sample - prototype - testing series - serial production)
      – production and test samples and prototypes
      – design and produce testers
      – design and produce one-purpose device
      – testing of products in authorized testing laboratories including EMC
      – consultancy in the area of analysis and rectifying wrong functioning products
          (for example increasing resistance against faults)

We ensure production reactivate and test designed products from the amount of one piece to larger series. If necessary - we also ensure production devices in lead-free realization.